Pony Cycle

Pony Cycles are absolutely safe and easy to ride. Pony Cycles are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Any hard and flat surface (bitumen, concrete, paving, wooden floor, tiles, vinyl) is required to ride a Pony Cycle. Pony Cycle is not suitable for grass or any soft surface. You can hire a Horse, Zebra, Giraffe, Panda, Unicorn, Tiger. Pony Cycles are available in 3 sizes –Small, Medium and Large.


Size - 620 X 270 X 730mm
Seat height - 510mm
Weight limit - 30kg


Size - 800 X 345 X 900mm
Seat height - 620mm
Weight limit - 40kg


Size - 1250 X 420 X 1300mm
Seat height - 930mm
Weight limit - 90kg

Speciality of Pony Cycle

  • Pony Cycles do not require any batteries or electricity; they move on human power.

  • Pony Cycles help kids to exercise and have fun at the same time.

  • Pony Cycles are made of high grade fabric and feel soft and comfortable.

  • Pony Cycles are environmental friendly and safe to use  for 3 years & above.

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Goldy - The Light Brown Horse